Kia ora, I'm Sam Johnson.

I'm a social entrepreneur and speaker from New Zealand. 

Most people know me from starting the Student Volunteer Army after the Christchurch earthquakes - a movement that rallied over 11,000 university students to clean up our city. 

My work has been extensively covered by media outlets in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, which has led to a varied speaking career. I've been privileged to visit and work with young people, business leaders, university faculty, employers, UN agencies and nonprofit leaders in over 13 counties. 

I co-founded WeVisit in 2016 to fundamentally change how we connect with each other. Operating throughout New Zealand, we connect generations for mutual benefit.

Want to hear more? You can read about my journey here. 


Each time I meet someone who was a member of the Student Volunteer Army I learn how it opened their world. They met new people, experienced new things and worked in a new way. 

The important work was not in shovelling tonnes of silt or planting trees, but in connecting with people who were different from us and in many cases finding out what we truly desire in life.

I wake in the mornings forever privileged to be stewarding the Student Volunteer Army movement and continue working hard to further the values and ethos of our original group in a multitude of ways including volunteering, disaster response and social connection. 


Join us. 

I am privileged to be one of the most popular motivational speakers in New Zealand. My talks have been described as high energy, vulnerable and hysterical and cover the highs and lows of the non-stop rollercoaster from the SVA through to our entrepreneurial journey in creating WeVisit.

Join us to get the occasional update about what I learn along the way. My favourite part about my life is getting to learn from global leaders in politics, impact, health and business.